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When does it start?
The Winter 2015 season runs on Friday nights and goes from December 12th through the end of February. The Spring 2015 season will also run on Fridays and will begin in March. Inquire now if you are interested in starting your own team, or if you want to join an existing team!

Where do you play?
We play at the CCBA Witherell Recreation Center at 1 Taylor Street, Lebanon, NH 03766. We play in the third-floor gym of that building. Just head in and go upstairs. There is no need to check in with the front desk, as the fact that you'll be carrying a hockey stick will adequately identify you as being part of the league.

What are the basic rules?
The short version: no rough contact, no icing, no offsides (except on face-offs), no slapshots, no high sticks, no stick lifting, and certainly no checking. REPEAT: THIS IS A NON-CONTACT LEAGUE. Please keep your body under control at all times! Rough stick checking and wild hacking are not allowed. Most people in this league do not wear hockey gloves, and they should not feel as though they have to in order to avoid getting their fingers broken. Games are officiated by a referee. Please be courteous and respectful to the referees. (By the way, we're always looking for good, reliable people to officiate games. If you're interested, please get in touch for details about responsibilities and pay. Experience is preferred but not required.)

What kind of equipment do I need?
You'll want to use either a real ice hockey stick or a real street hockey stick, not the half-sized toy stick you might have used in gym class. Any type of stick blade is fine (e.g., plastic, wood, fiberglass). If you can tape your stick blade with hockey tape, please do, as we think that this might help to protect the gym floor. Eyewear and shin pads are MANDATORY. Any type of eyewear is fine. For about $7 you can get a pair of rifle safety glasses at Walmart. For shin pads, practically anything is acceptable. Most people prefer soccer shin pads, but you can wear the big ice hockey ones, too, if you want. Everything else (e.g., mouthguard, gloves) is completely optional. Most people do not wear gloves.

What kind of equipment do goalies need?
Goalies are encouraged to wear ice hockey goalie pads or lighter-weight street hockey goalie pads. The essentials are: helmet, chest protector, leg pads, goalie stick, blocker, and glove. Other things like elbow pads and padded pants are optional. If you have a full set of real goalie equipment, great! If not, it is perfectly permissible (and quite common) to improvise with a baseball glove and so forth.

Puck or ball?
Ball. Specifically, we use the orange Mylec warm weather street hockey balls.

What do we do for uniforms?
Everyone gets a UVFH shirt! The first time you play in the league, you'll receive a t-shirt in your team's color. That's your uniform. If at any time you want an extra shirt, or if you switch teams and need a new color, we can give you a new one for $7.

What's the game format?
4 on 4 out on the floor, plus goalies. 25-minute running time per half, with a couple of minutes for halftime but not much. We are paying to rent the gym by time blocks, so we have to start and end on time. This being a coed league, there must be at least two female players on the floor for each team at all times. If you only have two women show up to a given game, then they'll have to play the whole game. If you only have one woman show up, then you'll have to be shorthanded (regardless of how many extra men you might have). If you have zero women show up, then you must forfeit. (You may not play the whole game two people shorthanded.) An alternative option to playing shorthanded, if you have one woman show up, is to ask the other team's captain if they would be willing to play the game 3-on-3 with one woman on the floor. The other captain is in no way obligated to agree to this (and might have good reasons not to), but if they do, then that is generally considered a gracious and sportsman-like act.

How many players are on a team?
That's up to the teams. We suggest 9 or 10. If you are forming a team, remember: you need to have a goalie and you want enough women on your team so that you don't have to play shorthanded if for whatever reason some of your team can't make it on a given week. Don't forget that people get sick, travel for work, or have other schedule conflicts. Plus, you want to have substitutes! Floor hockey is fast-paced. You will get tired if you have no subs!

Our regular goalie is sick, out of town, or busy. Can we borrow a goalie?
Yes, under certain circumstances you can borrow a goalie. It's no fun for anyone if a team shows up without a goalie and/or without any goalie pads. For that reason, teams are allowed to ask a goalie from another team to play for them for that game. Arranging this is the responsibility of the team, not the league or the referee. You may borrow a goalie only when you are very short on people or genuinely have no other option. (If you have pads and ample people, the right thing to do is for someone on your team to volunteer, before asking another team to borrow their goalie.)

Is there an age minimum or an age limit?
Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to play. We have people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s in this league.

Do I need experience to play?
No. This is an adult recreational league. It is designed to have a broad appeal across all skill levels, not to be something for hockey players only. If you are relatively new to floor hockey or it's been decades since you played as a kid, then this is the league for you. If you are an experienced former ice hockey player, then you are still welcome to play, but you need to understand the style of the league and observe ALL the safety rules, including no stick-lifting, no slapshots, and no body contact. This is not intended to be "real" hockey.

How much does it cost?
The Winter 2015 season consists of 8 weeks of regular season games plus 1 week of playoffs for a total of 9 games (Note: in a five-team league, one team will not get to play a playoff game). The team fee is $652.50 per team for the season. We do team fees instead of individual fees, so that teams can have some control over the per-person cost. (If you have a big team, then obviously you'll pay less per person, but you'll get less playing time. If you have a small team, then you'll pay more per person, but you'll get more playing time.) Each team submits ONE check for their team fee, due on the first night of the season. Each team needs to pick a captain, and it is the captain's responsibility to collect the money from everyone on the team and then turn in one check for the team.

What does the team fee go towards?
The vast majority of the team fee goes to running the league. There are many costs involved, including gym rental, insurance (required), referees, equipment such as nets and balls, foam barriers, t-shirts, first aid supplies, advertising, the website, miscellaneous fees, and more. We try really hard to keep it so that the average player on the average-sized team pays less than $10 per game in order to play in this league. (Compared to ice hockey, that's a really good deal!)

Is this league run by the CCBA?
No. We're an independent, outside group that pays to rent the CCBA's gym. The CCBA is a great partner, but Upper Valley Floor Hockey is a completely separate and distinct entity. You do not need to be a CCBA member in order to play in the league.

I'm interested—what do I do?
We are always looking for people to play, and no, you do not need to put together a whole team in order to sign up. Singles/individuals can sign up and we can put you on a team. We play year-round. As soon as one season ends, the next one starts up—usually with only a week or two off in between. If we're already in the middle of a season and it is too late to add you to a current team, then we can add you to the waitlist and get you placed somewhere the next season. Either way, let us know and we'll figure something out.


Rules and enforcement are subject to the discretion of the league. Please respect the referees. Rules and policies are subject to change at any time without notice. Floor hockey is an activity that involves risk of personal injury. By playing in this league, you knowingly and freely accept assume all such risks. All players play at their own risk. ©2014 Upper Valley Floor Hockey.


Upper Valley Floor Hockey is an adult, recreational-level coed indoor floor hockey league serving New Hampshire and Vermont's Upper Valley. We play year-round in Lebanon, NH. Established 2014.


For questions, comments, or to get in touch for any reason, write to play@uvfloorhockey.com.